#ValeLaPierna, literal translation #WorthTheLeg as explained in my bio (I know it's not great in English but it was the best I could do!), is a hashtag I created around 2018 in order to contribute to eliminating the negative stereotype I believe surrounds disability. At the end of the idea I attempt to normalize not only physical disabilities, but any problem or circumstance we all have or encounter, by using humour which I believe is very important. Below you have a text I wrote in my Instagram account with my testimony explaining in some part what I mean.

Up until I was 19 years old, I wore a prosthetic leg that was flesh coloured because I wanted to look like everyone else. I remember when I was 14 I would go to pool parties and often wouldn´t jump into the pool because I was embarrassed that people would see I only had one leg. 


I no longer feel ashamed. In fact, I like shouting loud and clear that I live my disability with complete normality, and I always speak of it with a touch of humour but also with a serious message: I choose to accept my differences and live life to the maximum.


Only through education can we overthrow paradigms that still associate disability with sorrow and that impose differences where there are none in reality. Even though it´s not an easy journey, who has an idyllic life with no obstacles? No-one, my friends. We all have our own issues.

Daniel Caverzaschi